Raeesa Sya, 26

Raeesa Sya, 26

Co-founder of Bfab (Brand development & Strategic Partnership)

I always knew I liked to dabble in tech and smartphones. I studied multimedia, coded and played with apps, and I always had the idea of building an app and selling it. I wanted to open a spa with a friend but instead, I made a joint venture with a tech company and built an app to discover individual beauty professionals nearby. That app was called LULU. but when I got an offer to join a new team, I sold it off and co-founded Bfab, an e-commerce platform for beauty services where you can book and find the best salons and spas in the Klang Valley. The best part is that a lot of our vendors have interesting organic, traditional services that not a lot of people know about, but now we have that database. Some of our customers are using these services on and on because they love them so much!

Before setting up my first company a lot of people didn’t take my ideas seriously and thought it was just a hobby. Recently a couple of people actually came up to me and said they are proud that I’ve managed to prove them wrong. My end goal, building something that really helps other people, was what kept me going. I like the challenge of being able to build something and bring people together.

“And how do you handle those challenges?”

Whack only lah. (laughter) For me, there’s a solution for every problem. You just don’t give up and keep going, even if you get rejected 28 times out of 30 (which i did...). Or you wait and you build trust in what you do until other people can see what you’re doing is right. If it doesn’t happen now, you visit it later, you improve. Persistence is key! Definitely believe in yourself and follow through with your plans! That will get you a very long, long way. And I try to read as much as I can. I have a Kindle, it’s so convenient! I like reading books on business and powerful women such as Catherine the Great to inspire myself, and Sun Tzu’s Art of War for business.

In the near future I’d like to expand through Southeast Asia and empower people to make the best choices when it comes to booking and selecting the best salon and spa no matter where they are! One day I aspire to be a philanthropist or a VC who encourages other women founders; a lot of people have ideas but don’t know where to start. And a lot of people thought I was kidding about making this a success. I’m still learning and discovering new things and challenges everyday but I know if we work hard and dream big, we can be anything we wanna be! Wake up, show up and everything will fall into its right place!