Chin Xin-Ci, 28

Chin Xin-Ci, 28


I’m the founder of two safety-related mobile apps, Watch Over Me and Walky. Our flagship app, Watch Over Me, was launched in 2013 after an incident that happened and since I wasn’t doing much at the time, I thought, “Why not use what I know - technology and marketing - to try and do something about safety?” That’s pretty much how it started.

My team and I just launched our second safety-related app: Walky, which is available only in the USA (for now!). Walky takes crime and safety-related data and overlays it on a map to generate the shortest and safest walking route to anywhere. Sort of like a Waze for walking. Right now, Walky is only available in the US because crime & safety-related data isn’t readily available here, but we hope to bring it to Malaysia pretty soon.

I also co-own an event space rental company, The Canvas, and a coworking space in Petaling Jaya called The Hideout. And this year, a friend and I are tag-teaming to work together with my amazing fitness trainer, who lives all the way in Dubai, to create a 30-day workout program to reboot your mind and body for fitness!

Really good friends and close relationships can get you through anything. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some really supportive friends from all over the world. I’ve flown 14 hours to the other side of the world to bunk on a girlfriend’s couch and take a break when things have gotten rough. But one of the things that makes me super-duper happy is working with my team. I’ve been blessed to be able to work with such motivated, smart young people from different cultures (we have a Ukrainian, an American, and Indonesians on board). There are so many new things happening this year, and I hope to be able to be healthier, travel, and continue taking more film photos (I have about 12-13 antique film cameras, and about 5 of them work ;))

Just a couple of weeks ago someone said to me: “Oh, you’re not very Asian!”. I I think what they were trying to say is that I’m not passive and submissive, and in fact quite outspoken (for a girl, probably). I feel that’s incredibly limiting as there are both quiet and outspoken people, regardless of their ethnicity or heritage! Just because I speak my mind, it doesn’t make me LESS Asian. I believe that we should be whatever we want to be - if you’re quiet, great; and if you’re not then that’s great too.

Don’t fit into whatever box there is that people make up. There’s no staple of femininity; it’s incredibly diverse. You can be extremely outspoken, quiet, aggressive, passive. You can talk about topics that usually “only boys” talk about, or you can talk about TV, or whatever - it’s really up to you. If you are what you want to be, you’re automatically going to be happier and in that sense, feel more beautiful.