Rachel and Marilyn Ang, 25

Rachel and Marilyn Ang, 25

Cofounders and designers, Flint and Steel Borneo stationery

We’re identical twins from Kuching, but our paths took us to different places for a while. Marilyn was a graphic designer and Rachel was a sales and marketing executive. After we suffered the toughest loss of our lives, we found our escape in our bedroom, spending hours doing projects and creating things together after office hours. One thing led to another and eventually we quit our day jobs and went on to pursue this dream full-time.

It’s been a ride full of long working hours, late nights in front of the computer, mental blocks, new responsibilities, never-ending first times and risks. We’ve coped by making intentional decisions to find the courage to face them and always be willing to learn from them. Having experienced, honest and constructive people around is what keeps us steady and encouraged. We also make it a point to feed our passion by looking out for things and perspectives to keep us inspired and motivated, as passion is the only thing that will enable us to still love what we do when things are not as easy.. And we love travelling! There’s always so much we can learn and gain from each place we visit: the people, the culture, the landscape, the architecture…

In art, there are no rules and no limits. It is all about expressing, learning, pushing boundaries and growing. All these things remind us every day that there’s so much in store for us and there’s really no reason to look back. And of course, having the chance to create beautiful things and experiences for the world makes it all the more worthwhile. Be in love with the things that make you different and believe in yourself boldly. They make you, YOU: your passions, your beliefs, your values and your story. That is your power. Always ask questions, question the person you are and the person you want to be and find the answers. Never settle.