Nicole Tan, 34

Nicole Tan, 34

Creative director, Mint Events and Soirées

I am very passionate about design and enjoy the highs of working in a creative field. I started my career in the advertising industry and subsequently dabbled in jewellery design. These stints spurred on my interests into a different area of the creative field: events. I stumbled into this new venture together with my partners by chance, born out of our collective love for DIY, design and detail. I am incredibly blessed to be doing what I love: designing events for people by offering experiential fun through conceptual and style-focused events.

Our biggest challenge was when we had to roll out an event for a client within 48 hours upon receiving the brief. A leap of faith, coupled with amazing clients who trust us to do what we do, affirmed our capabilities and the race against the clock to bring their event to life successfully. I am thankful for a robust network of support that helps me face the challenges of work and life. I look to my faith, mentors, family and friends and draw from their wisdom and experience to be better in all I do.

This year, my goals are to elevate the business to the next level and focus on the little things in life close to heart. A key focus would be work life integration: balancing my time between being a working mom, wife and driver of the business. Above all, I always make time to relax and pamper myself and not neglect the importance of me-time which is integral to one’s well-being.