Agnes Kang

Agnes Kang

Insurance Agent

I was a single mother at age 22. During college, I found out I was pregnant. Everything was ruined when the guy told me he didn’t want this unexpected surprise and I had to face all the stress from my family and the people around me. I used to be timid and easily hurt, but to protect my baby, I choose to follow my own way without listening to my family and friends.

Now my boy is 13 years old, healthy and well. I have my own career in the insurance industry now, and I feel thankful and lucky that I chose to keep an innocent life alive and now have my boy with me. I know there are a lot of single mothers in Malaysia who might not be as lucky as me, or feeling ashamed and sad for themselves. I say to them: please don’t look down on yourself. We should be proud that we’ can raise our families by ourselves. Don’t be upset, there’s always a chance out there, as long as you step forward, doors will never close. Like me, I was not born in a rich family; I was really poor and helpless while pregnant. I told myself I had to overcome my suffering or the suffering would always be my nightmare. I put all my effort into building my insurance career to build a better life for my boy. My success didn’t come in one day; I built it for eight years and always believed in myself.

And I always believe this: God will never turn you away. You are the only one who will determine who you are.