Careen Tan, 27

Careen Tan, 27

Lifestyle blogger, emcee and new mother

I started blogging since my high school days, way back when there was no Facebook or Instagram yet. It’s been a good 11 years journey so far. It started with the intention of documenting my life moments to share with my friends and family, then more and more people started reading and following my blog. Most of my regular readers have journeyed with me since my dating days to my wedding preparation, pregnancy experience and now, into motherhood! It still humbles me knowing that there are people out there drawing inspiration from what I do, even if it’s just the simple, everyday things in life.

Knowing the ‘why’ and reason for what I do, and knowing that there are readers eagerly waiting for the next blog post or social media update, helps to keep me focused and persistent, I think it is very important to keep calm when faced with challenges and obstacles in life. I’ve learned to never make any decision, big or small when I am caught in a moment of pressure, sadness or anger. Taking a deep breath, stepping back, and looking at things in a wider perspective helps. My family and loved ones keep me going in life even when it isn’t easy, and this is simply because I do everything with them in mind. I work hard so that I can share the fruits of my labour with my loved ones, and that is why I’m always striving to be better, and to work harder.

I recently just gave birth to a baby boy named Tyler. Life’s been completely different since then! Motherhood has been wonderful thus far, and every day is a new adventure with the little one! I’m currently taking a few months off to fully focus on caring for my newborn while blogging and emceeing on the side. As for the future, I have plans to venture into businesses and get my entrepreneurial self in action again!

My advice is to love yourself. Your happiness is important. If you’re not happy, you will not be able to give your best to yourself, your loved ones, in your work and everything else that you do. Don’t underestimate that monthly manicure session, or that hairdo at the salon. Doing little things that you enjoy does wonders to your happiness and self-confidence. And a happy, confident woman can achieve extraordinary things.