Jennifer Teh Yin Li, 29

Jennifer Teh Yin Li, 29

Cancer survivor

I used to be a very shy girl who would rather stay hungry than tell the canteen aunty I wanted a plate of rice! So in my first job, I joined the sales line. Not because I loved sales, but because I wanted to learn how to deal with my fear. Friends around me used to ask me where i actually got my positive attitude from. I guess I have my job to thank for that! I give my all when comes to work.

But being diagnosed with the big C, it was very hard for me to accept it at the early stage. The intense lower abdominal pain I experienced was so bad that i was sent to the hospital almost immediately. When the doctor confirmed there was a cyst/tumour in my ovary, I started crying. I thought I was going to die! I wouldn’t be able to get married, have kids or take care of my parents. When I told my boyfriend about it, he shared that it wasn’t right to even think that way. He wanted me to promise that I would fight. When I looked at my old photos; doing marathons, participate in charity events, volunteering job, travel around and diving in the free ocean…I wanted to have that meaningful life again! I wanted to fight for my survival not only for myself but for my mom and dad and my loved ones.

Hanging out with the right people is the key to be positive. For 2016, I’m looking into creating more cancer awareness with others and to spend more time in related events. To spread love and to create hope. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I really wished someone had come forward to share their experience before I got it. I wished awareness was great enough that everyone knew about it. I hope people will start sharing and giving others hope!

“If you could share one thing with all other women out there, what would it be?”

LIVE LIFE. Set short term goals. Take up new challenges. Learn new things. Keep improving, keep moving - while you still can. Cancer does not mean death. It means a second chance to restart. Don’t ever let anyone dim your glow!”